St Paul Obituary

St Paul obituary

Paul was born as Saul (his Jewish name) early in the first century AD in Tarsus. As a teenager he went to Jerusalem to re-discover his Jewish roots and learn more about the Jewish law.   Paul identified himself with the Pharisees and was involved in persecuting Christians. Paul was beheaded and killed, in Rome around AD 64.

“Saul” was a self-righteous young Pharisee, almost completely anti-Christian. Saul had previously participated in the stoning of st. Stephen and agreed that what the Jews were doing was acceptable. A few days later Saul was on his way to Damascus to arrest another group of Christians when he fell to the ground and was struck blind by a heavenly light (Jesus) which had a spiritual effect on him. Saul was converted to Christianity and was later baptised with the name of Paul and began his first preaching in Antioch – in a synagogue.

Jesus was Pauls Lord and saviour, the one he was proud to serve. Paul wrote many writings which we will never understand unless we fully appreciate that the heart of Paul’s mission to convert Jews to Christians was his sense of being close to Christ and being loved by him.

As a result of Pauls conversion he was inspired to spreads the gospel. In order to do this he had to travel, so he did! He went on three main journeys; his first, which was also the shortest, he was accompanied by Barnabas. The journey ended when Paul returned to Jerusalem for the council. He spoke to all the Jews and Gentiles (which he had previously been working with) and convinced them that they should hear about Jesus. His second journey was in Athens and Corinth, and travelled with Silas. Paul preached to everyone and his message was always “Jesus has come for all and there is a place in the Christian community for everyone who puts their faith in the risen Lord”. In Paul’s third journey he revisited many of the Christian communities he had written to. One of them was at Ephesus. There he preached against the worship...