2.1) Explain how children and young people’s development is influenced by a range of personal factors.
Children’s development can be affected in many different ways, they could be suffering with poor health or a form of physical disability/ impairment, and this will affect their physical development but also their personal skills, life skills and social skills. If a child is unable to interact with other child due to the disability/ impairment they will not learn how to be social, they won’t know how to interact with other children. Children how find it hard at this early stage will struggle in later life. Also a child that is struggling with learning difficulties may also struggle with these simple skills, these children should be encourage to take part in class actives to build their confidence.

Family Status
Naturally parents will want to see their children do well. Sometimes though in an effort to keep their children safe parents inadvertently hold their children back from exploring the world around them, lessening their chances to learn and progress. While it is understandable to want to shelter children from harm, parents who are over protective can sometimes limit their child’s potential.
Ideally children should be given increasing amounts of freedom as they grow older and mature, allowing them to gradually learn new things and meet new people which in turn increases their physical, emotional and social development. However there are many examples of the kind of influences that affect children and young people’s development, parents going through a marriage breakdown, separation and divorce proceedatustings can be very traumatic for a child. Children of one parent families may suffer as a single parent may not work or conversely work long hours, leaving the child with little support and open to bullying. Children may become part of a step family, where new partners may have children of their own from a previous relationship. This could lead to conflict...