Ssgc Report


All the praises are for the almighty Allah, who bestowed me with his blessings, the ability and potential to complete my four weeks internship program.

Words are very few to express enormous humble obligations to my affectionate Parents for their prayers and strong determination for enabling me to achieve this job.

The inspiring guidance, remarkable suggestions, constant encouragement, keen interest, and friendly discussion throughout my internship period enabled me to complete this report efficiently.

I offer my heartiest tribute and cordial gratitude to present my thanks to Mr. Asad (L/O section), Mr. Gulzar (L/O section), Mr. Sohail (Budget section),Mr. Iftikhar (budget section), Mr. Iqbal Batvia (Bid Bond Section),Mr. Amir (Treasury Function), Mr muneeruddin(Treasury function) who had been a source of constant support and inspiring guidance throughout my internship period.

I am also thankful to Mr. Shuja who was source of guidance and his inspiration led me to learn and nourish my skills in different sections of   the finance department.


|S.NO       |TOPICS                                                                                 |PG.NO               |
|1           |About the Company                                                                     |3-5                 |
|2           |Finance department                                                                     |6                   |
|3           |Areas of working                                                                       |7                   |
|4           |Billing section                                                                       |8-10                 |
|5           |Cash and Bank section                                                                 |11-13               |
|5           |Cost and Budget section                                                               |14-16               |
|6           |OGRA...