Rational Decision Making is a process where one desires to come to the best and most effective decision which will entail the best result Sound and unbiased decision making offers good results , the reason why most decision-makers prefer taking the rational decision making approach to their problems . Rational Decision Making (RDM ) is observed under certain basic procedures . The traditional problem solving - determining the problem , evaluating the possible solution and exercising the actions - is not enough to solve some problems that require much needed attention . In such cases , the rational decision making approach is the most performed option in the decision making process

In the matter raised in the selection It 's a Risky Business , the situation was resolved with the decision of suspension of the concerned party . Situations as insubstantial like this are more likely expected to be examined and undergo careful analysis knowing that it had what we call collateral damage ' The issues of the former player and of his school are a serious subject as it had violated the tournament 's rules and code of ethics . The statement given by the Athletics Director in the news conference could be said that the problem was investigated well resulting to the optimal decision , that is , through the rational decision making approach

Rational Decision Making Approach : Optimal Decision

In instances like what had happened in the conference tournament , RDM is the most prescribed route to resolve it . Optimal decision results from a well rounded and unbiased decision making . To achieve such results , RDM is used . It is the one that exercises logical reasoning , factual reference and follows a systematic approach from the identification of the crisis to formulating a solution

We could breakdown into seven steps the rational decision making system used here . First and second step of the method is the identification of the problem and gathering the important facts...