Part A – Introduction
1. There are many reasons why sports are modified. Discuss in detail three reasons.
Modified Sports are becoming very popular in today’s society as they have many benefits. They are usually modified in order to make the games simpler and easier for kids as opposed to the original sport, which is seen as a better way to introduce a sport.
One reason why sports are modified is the fact that it resembles the original sport in a less complex way that allows beginners to learn the basic skills of the sport in an easier condition. Players will then be able to gain the skills and learn some of the rules through a modified sport, which can also be seen as a method to for those who want to prepare to play the original sport. Secondly modified sports are also known to reduce the excessive physical demand, which can be done by reducing the weight, size and style of the equipment or by reducing the field and goal size or reducing the length of the games. All these factors contribute to make an overall easier and less tiring game for those who have difficulties in playing the original sport that often requires a lot of physical strengths. Lastly modified sports are considered as safer sports as it usually takes away the domination by physically stronger players in contact sports, which is done by modifying the rules or by providing more safety equipment.