Sports Sklil


For many years researchers have been attempting to identify if people are naturally gifted with abilities. Ability is defined as ………………………….   . A study (Henry 1961) found little that would identify that general ability existed however they did suggest that it is possible for more specific abilities to exist. This study was continued (Bachman 1961) which looked at general balance ability although again found that their result concluded that general balance ability did not exist. Another study (Tsigilis 2001) looked at more specific balance ability, dynamic, this test concluded that general dynamic balance ability did not exist and suggested that commonly accepted abilities were very specific to the situation.

Gap in lit ??? Research hasn’t shown if a ability is situation specific so we have done that

Our experiment continued to look at very specific ability and whether it is situation specific , we focused on hand-eye coordination ability using experiments that looked into two different areas of the ability one using a piece of equipment and one without.



The sample consisted of 128 undergraduate students from the sports science department of the University of Chichester. With a mean age of 19 yrs (SD ± 3).The participants had no experience with the tasks and all volunteered to participate.

The experiment was comprised of two different tasks the first involved the participant holding a table tennis bat upside down and parallel to their elbow which they had to use to hit a table tennis ball against a wall without the ball bouncing before hitting the wall as much as possible. The participant would be unable to go beyond a line that was marked clearly on the table.

The other task involved the participant standing 2 metres away from a wall and then had to throw and catch a tennis ball using alternate hands. The participants were informed that the throws had to be underarm only.

In both tests the...