Josh Piddock
Psychology for sports performance

Group dynamics

Group cohesion

Group cohesion is made up of 5 stages from how a group of people go from being
Individuals to a well working functional team

This is when a group of people are brought together to be made into a team who will
Have to work together to achieve a common goal for example in college after the trails
People are sleeted to join other individuals to become a team.


This is when players will be trying to show what they’ve got and try to show off or
Stand out to stand then higher up the social ladder board or to help them become more
Of a key player for the team, so players can be successful in this stage of cohesion just
By being vocal and commanding and even lack maybe the same standard of ability as
The rest but be seen as more vital than others down to their leadership qualities witch
Can help keep a team pushing in the same direction, for example Roy keane even
Thought he was a great player he wasn’t as good as David Beckham or Rio Ferdinand
Or Ruud Van Nistelrooy but he were vital to Manchester united success and recognised across the world for his leadership qualities.


This stage is where every body is given there place in the team and all the roles for
Each player are known for example the players who have played the best will have the
Starting places in the football team, the player who has the best leadership qualities
Will be given the captaincy for example man city has practically had a new team built
In a short space of time so they are Norming especially as their captain Richard Dunne
Left to go to villa, so now the manager has to choose a permanent captain kolo toure is inline but it’s reported that Stephen Ireland is also in contention for the armband.


This is probably the only stage that is not guaranteed to happen because it is then out
Of the managers hands how the players perform on the pitch or...