Spoken Language

Irina Stoyanova,E303,TMA06,A2428882

                                                          Project proposal


Comparative case study analyse between the use of polite forms in the   speech of men and women. Do men or women use polite forms in a casual conversation more frequently?

2.The aims of the investigation

My project could be classified as an incremental research as there is a question to be answered and the project could also be based on the work of other researchers, who have identified a number of features more common in women`s speech than in the speech of men.   I am aiming to gather naturalistic data from the casual conversations   between men and casual conversation between women and to conduct comparative analyses of the use of polite forms.

I am aiming to transcribe the speech and to describe the surroundings when polite forms are being used, to show the information that is being communicated and to answer whether there is particular intonation choice, or particular gesture and posture made by speakers.

The aim of the investigation will be to confirm or disconfirm the findings of other researchers so far about the differences of the speech between men and women and to outline the typicall   lexical and grammatical choices.

3.The rationale and main conceptual themes for the investigation

According to scientists   there are biological differences in men`s and women`s brains and   people still ask the question on what these differences apply.   According to studies men and women use the language in some conversations for different purposes.   Whereas the women try to build and maintain intimacy men tend to focus on problem solving.   It is known from studies that women ask more questions and are more courteous.   In this sense the question about whether the polite forms are more common in the speech of men or women is relevant.

The question about the differences between the speech of men and women has been...