Splitting the Sembreak

Splitting the Semestral Break

The recent semestral break was a good time to ease up from the accumulated burden the students have had from the halls of ivy - not to mention, the kind of intimidation the school teachers heap upon the young learners, especially the grade-conscious and flunking ones.

But does it really fill the bill for both the students and the faculty?

Students are crazed about the mere thought of getting a break from school, that they start to get their minds shut off from the all discussions held in class, and wander away with the blow instead.   Not long after the break, that skill of obstruction continues when the students themselves plausibly rack up the waves they've got due to the layoff from the hall.

How about more time for some academic-learning instead? Yes? The days spent for unwinding and undertaking admired fads could have been better frittered in the knowledge box instead, and not in one's dwelling place, latching onto more scoops by going deeper than just knowing the quadratic formula, or the steps in bringing about photosynthesis, or perhaps that formula from Charles Augustin de Coulumb's law, which I can even hardly remember now. The brain needs to be more speculative rather than bumming around for a week or so.

Nevertheless, it is always nice to treat oneself with a good lull after about a half-year overlong school work. Actually such may be needed, considering the matter that no one ever gets tired after a day's rigorous work.

Or if the idea does not fit for a tough grinder, he/she may think of getting the time for some self-tutoring to improve his/her academic skills, or discovering more things around the planet, giving chance for the gray matter to get a level up.

Such things may be plausible to a week-long blow in the middle of the school year, but at the end of the day, everything is always for the amelioration of the individual and his/her native land, and not just about the semestral break....