Spiritual Imagery

Spiritual Scenery in Poetry
Imagery is one of these techniques that authors use very often, especially in poetry.  
Both William Butler Yeats and Quincy Troupe use spiritual imagery in their poems.  
Yeats uses spiritual imagery from a Christian Bible to express his poem.   Many of his references were from the book of Revelations and the Second Coming, hence the title of his poem was also named, “The Second Coming.”   He describes the rough beast, referring to the beast of Revelations.   What Yeats is actually referring to is the devil and the sign of 666.   Also there are many references to the wars that had taken place to show how things are falling apart.   This is used when he writes of the bird handler and the bird’s ties being broken.   This is a symbol showing how ties are falling apart, anarchy is upon the world and there is a lack of rule.   Again he uses spiritual imagery by writing that the innocence is drowned by the blood-diamond tide, which is due a lack of order and rule.   A reason for this was also due to human rational, which led to the violence and bloodshed of his time.   Many of these images are repeated and foreshadow the time of the second coming from the Book of Revelations.   Yeats also writes of the “best” and “worst” in his poem.   He writes of the “best” referencing the wisdom of reason for people to be civil and just. The “worst” is meant to show that people are pushing for war and eventually pushing for war to bring change.   Lastly, Yeats was where the scene from “Ghostbusters” originated from.   This scene took place on top of a skyscraper with gargoyles on the edge of the building.   This was a symbol of when status was beginning to move in a different direction.   However, amidst all the wrong that was going on with the world, Yeasts references the beast at the end of all the chaos that has taken place.  
In the piece by Quincy Troupe, “Poem for the Root Doctor of Rock n Roll” he also uses spiritual imagery to bring his poem to life....