Speeches Hilliary Clinton and George Bush

speeches worthy of critical study

Speeches of hilliary Clinton and George Bush

Now I know, we all know that they are very worthy of study, why else would we be learning about them, but just in case, I’m going to let you know why they are worthy of study.

Firstly they show us how a well thought out and well written speech is constructed; for example in George Bush’s address after the 911 attacks, Bush opens his speech with a short uncomplicated sentence that grabs the audience’s attention and sets the scene for the rest of his speech.

Hillary Clinton’s address at the UN World Conference of Women is also simple and attention grabbing. Although Bush and Clinton start their speeches differently they both still address their issue in the opening paragraph.

The main body of both speeches is made up of many usually short paragraphs which are always to the point. Word choice plays a critical part in trying to relay a message across to an audience; you can’t try telling a person something using words they don’t understand.

Both speeches have used the appropriate choice of words. Simple enough to understand but still have meaning. The body is then followed by a strong conclusion that reinforces the previously made points. This alone is one good reason that these speeches are worthy or study.

The speeches also demonstrate how to get the greatest affect from the audience by using inclusive language. “We” and “our” are repeatedly used by both Clinton and Bush “our very freedom”, “we will be taking bold steps”, “greater than any of us”

They use these words to connect with the audience and make them feel that they are united with the speaker. Other inclusive techniques are also used to reinforce the feeling of unity, “come together in fields and in factories. In village markets and supermarkets. In living rooms and board rooms.”

Listings such as this help emphasis how such a diverse group of people can be united. Bush also uses a similar...