Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the structure, history and culture of Rome.
Central Idea: Rome has greatly influenced the rest of the world throughout its history.


I. When in Rome do as the Romans do.
II. This cliché has been made popular because of the effect that the Roman Empire had on the entire worlds history.
III. Almost every nation in the world borrows from the example left by the Roman Empire, from their politics to the architecture.
IV. Today I would like to tell you about how Rome came to be about through its influence around the world and their structural designs that are still used even today.


I.   The Roman rule extended throughout the known world and endured for almost 300 years, some of which are still shown today.
A. According to Boorstin (1992), “Their spectacular new domed shapes would dignify and glorify religious faiths, political hopes and lawmaking across the West…” (p 79).
I. Capitol in Washington D.C. is structured after Roman architect.
II. Roman architecture began with public baths, which we know have everywhere.
B. According to Hingley (2005), “forms in architecture, coinage, language and literature came to dominate the world from Britain to Syria” (p 1).
I. Look at the back of your monies and you will see Latin phrases even the Super Bowl counts in roman numerals.
II. Although the Latin language is not widely spoken as it used to be it can still be seen everywhere as almost every word has some sort of Latin root.