Anthony Hopkins once said “I love life because what more is there.” In my
speech I am going to tell you three fun facts about me one truth and two lies you
will get to decide which is a truth and which ones are lies.
my mom lives in Texas. My mom has lived lived there for one year now. Also, my
little sister Erica moved here from Texas to Ohio at the beginning of this school
year. My next, fun fact is I have nine siblings. I have six sisters and three
brothers. My mom has four that live with her and there names are Ashley who is
eighteen, Ryan who is eight, Josh who is seven, and Nikki who is ten. They are all
my step sisters and stepbrothers. My dad has five who live with him and there
names are Austin who is twenty, Kellie who is thirteen, Erica who is fourteen, and
Danielle who is seventeen, and Courtney who is four. We are all related. We might
not all have the same parents but we consider our selves family. My final, fact is I
have moved nine times since fourth grade. I have lived in three states and seven
cities. I moved from Ashtabula Ohio to Louisville Ohio, from Louisville Ohio to
Rockledge Florida from Rockledge Florida to Cocoa Florida, from Cocoa Florida to
Stow Ohio,from Stow Ohio to Barnsville Ohio from Barnsville Ohio back to Stow
Ohio, from Stow Ohio to Austin Texas from Austin Texas and finally back to
Stow Ohio and that is where I am now. My favorite place to live is Louisville Ohio.
I have not moved since my eight grade year. These are some facts that you might
not know about me.
In my speech I explain these three things about myself I have not seen my
mom in three months and she lives in Texas, I have moved nine times since fourth
grade, lastly I have nine siblings. Which of these three facts do you think is true
about me? What more is there in life than your family?