Ladies   &   Gentlemen
Today I stand before you all a very proud father and father in Law. Murray you have been part of my family for a number of years now but today it’s finally official and I am happy to say I have gained another son.
Hayley your mum and I were remembering a lot of happy memories we have of you Kelly and James. There were far too many to mention though today.
You were the tom boy of the family and very much daddy’s girl always by my side at all the different jobs I had to do. The dirtier you were the happier.
Do you remember when we lived in Watten, I was washing the car and I told you to go inside as you would get wet and cold. I was running backwards and forwards with pales of cold water to rinse the bubbles of the car and as I throw a bucket of cold water over the car I hear this yelp.
Here was Hayley at the other side of the car like a drowned rat all cold and wet; with your teeth chattering inside your head but after you had a warm bath though you were no worse off.
My pet name for you was dad’s little princess and today you certainly look every part the princess.
I wish you and Murray many happy years of health and happiness together
Kelly and Chloe you also look beautiful and have carried out your duties very well. You have been a wonderful support to Hayley these past few months to help her organise such a special day
Can you all please be up standing and toast
The bridesmaids