Speech Social Media

General Purpose: To inform

Specific Purpose: My audience will learn the importance of social networking in today’s computer-centric world, from its history to the many uses it provides.
Thesis Statement: Today, I would like to tell you about three aspects of social networks: first, the history of social networks: second, the uses of social networking services: and finally, how social networks have influenced our lives.
Social Networking: How it’s Changing Our Lives
  I. Introduction
  A. Attention Getter:
  1. Facebook is one of the most identifiable online social networks on college campuses because of its popularity among students.
  2. The service recently users statistics.
  B. Relevance To Me
  1. Social networking helps me learn more diversity and get exposure to multiple points of view.
  2. I have seen first-hand the growth that Twitter has gone through.
  C. Relevance to the Audience
  1. College students rely on Facebook and social networks like it to connect with friends, family, and classmates to exchange information.
  2. We never take the time to understand the history and alternative uses of these services.
  D. Thesis
  1. Today, there are three things that I would like to tell you more about.
  2. First, I would like to tell you about the history of social networks.
  3. Second, I would like to give you some of the uses and potential uses of social networks.
  4. I would then like to conclude with talking about how social networks have influenced our way of living.
  II. The history of Online Social Networking
  A. Definition of Online social networking
  1. According to Danah Boyd and Nicole Ellison, authors of “Social Network sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship,” social networks must contain three elements in order to be named such.
  2. All of the current social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram fall under these categories.
  B. The History
  1. The first website to launch...