Speech for Django Unchained on Identity

Good morning “Teachers name” and peers. For my speech today I will be expressing identity. The oxford definition of Identity is ‘The fact of being who or what a person or thing is' . Particularly I will be focusing on how the author or director portray’s identity and its aspects. Identity is shown throughout the entirety of Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’, though predominantly through the main character, Django. Tarantino is able to express his aspect and definition of identity through his multitude of film and literature techniques throughout the film. The main aspect of identity throughout this film is ‘personal identity’

The first scene I would like to dicuss with all of you is when After Dr Shultz free’s Django from slavers, they venture towards a bar. They sit down and Dr Schultz explains how if Django helps him collect a bounty he will be in turn a free man, this scene brings up the first aspects of true identity for Django. Tarantino uses foreshadowing evident as Django begins to understand what the future holds. The use of foreshadowing in this scene allows Django’s correct racial identity to be sought out in which he is able to build future aspirations in relation and despite of his racial characteristics. This scene highlights racial identity as the foreshadowing of Django’s change of racial characteristics is immanent, as being an ‘African American’ slave was the prominent characteristic, rather than a freeman.

In the last scene of the movie Django gruesomely murders the residents at ‘candie land’ in the house, he does this by himself with a few guns.He then burns down the house and watches in amusement and relaxation knowing that he no longer has enemies. Django then turn around to his love of his life, his wife, who he has rescued and they ride off on there horses and into the moonlight. The technique evidently through this scene the technique of motif is high lighted, which is portraying freedom.This freedom for Django represents how he...