Speech Contest

Good afternoon ladies and Gentleman,First of all I would like to thank God because of His blesses I can stand here in front of you.I also would like to thank the committee who hold this speech competition and of course my honorable judges.Well my name is Wido From Methodist-2 Senior High School,in this occassion,i would like to deliver you my speech   about “The Quality of Education in Indonesia”
  First of all   Ladies and gentleman ,we know that education is very important.How it really takes part in our daily life.We can prove it by how academic skill is needed to apply for job.Ladies and gentleman nowadays people often talk about Globalization Era.This era forces us not only fight with   our own people or local people but also all people around the world will compete together.Ladies and Gentleman this globalization era is actually warning us to prepare ourselves much more than before.So if we have no education and skills, we will certainly be left behind.

  Ladies and Gentlemen,today I will discuss about   the condition of Education in Indonesia and what the goverment has done to increase the   quality of education.Let’s talk about the condition first.From the survey i have gotten from the internet and Kompas newspaper,in this 2009,Indonesia best Universities are included in Big 500 the best universities in the world by The Times University .They are Gajah Mada University sitting in 250 position this year and was at 316 position in 2008 and Indonesia University sitting in 201 position and was at 287 in 2008   and Over Asia,Indonesia University is sitting in 34 position.These are a good achievement for us and I hope these will increase next year .Our students also has won many times in the International Olympiade.So we can conclude that the quality of education in Indonesia has increased.

    Ladies and Gentlemen now let’s move to what the goverment has done to increase the quality of education? Indonesia spends 20% from APBN fund for education,if we compare...