Spectrum Brand

Explain how the firm might organize using a Matrix structure for the organization.
The firm could organize using a Matrix structure by forming a central line of authority which will allow the flow of information directly to the VP of the firm. This will allow the general manager to have a functional manager over each department report all information to them. By doing this will allow the firm to setup the proper line of communication instead of having to more than one person about their department. Plus it will allow the firm to better meet their customer needs because it will allow them to better concentrate on the problems and complaints of their customers.
Matrix structure: three examples of potential communication problems the structure might cause. Recommended corrective actions the company can take to address these issues.
The major disadvantage is the cross-reporting function. Since the team members have to report to the project manager as well as the department heads, there is a conflict of loyalty. Conflicts occur because boundaries of authority and responsibility overlap. The functional manager may tell an employee one to do a task and their project manager may tell the employee another way to do the same task. With communication problems like this the firm may have a higher turnover rate and even dissatisfaction among the workers. The employees don't know who actually is in charge because of the lack of communication between the two managers. Conflict and ambiguity can increase feelings of stress with the lack of communication which can end up causing difficulty among employees in demonstrating their personal contributions to team performance because they move so often from one team to another.

Explain how the firm could operate using a Multidivisional structure.
The firm could operate using a Multidivisional structure because of several ways. Since the firm has a wide variety of products from batteries, shaving & grooming products, personal...