Spark Talk Analysis

Creative Spark Talk Analysis
January 12, 2015
Mr. Douglas Petrikat

Creative Spark Talk Analysis
The video I chose from the TED channel creative spark playlist is titled “How schools kill creativity”.   The speaker in this part of the TED Conference is Sir Ken Robinson.   Although I could not determine Sir Robinson’s current position, he mentioned in the video presentation that he was a former university professor.   This particular speech took place in Monterey, CA in February 2006.   The title of this video is ominous to say the least.   However, Sir Robinson makes some salient points about the direction of public education in the United States, and where our country went wrong when it comes to the history of education.   I will review some of these points that stood out to me after watching the presentation, and details that support the purpose of the speech and the points brought up by the former professor from England.
The content of this presentation illuminates how creativity begins at a very young age in all of us.   As children, as long as we are healthy and fully functioning, the majority of us perform simple, yet enjoyable tasks like running, singing, and dancing.   I know first-hand what it is like to observe a toddler and her creativity, being the father of a 2 year old and a 7 year old.   My 2 year old spends a majority of her time singing, dancing, and chatting, as did my older daughter when she was that age.   Although simple and routine to the average person, creativity begins at this age and is evident in the everyday actions of young children.   However, once children are school-age, their creative abilities are put aside in order to teach what the school system dictates.   Teachers and administrators spend a great deal of time assuring and stressing over the practices they put into use in schools in order to teach generic and pre-determined subjects and ideas.   This does not enhance or benefit any child’s creativity.   Essentially, children’s...