Spanish Concert

La Internacional Sonora Tropical de Carlos Quintana
    There is an even that I just can describe as one of the best ones of my life: :A Internacional Sonora Tropical de Carlos Quintana. During the concert, I experienced lots of sensations that were more enjoyable because of my five sense. This is why this event was so significant to me. Listening and seeing such a wonderful band while the sun was going down was awesome because I had never seen them ever before.
    I remember myself arriving at the front of the school campus of Fountain Valley High School. The line to get into the concert was not longer than I thought it would be. At first, I wasn’t too excited for this event, until I saw the faces of the fellow barons. I saw the enthusiasm on their faces, and I was immediately rejuvenated with eagerness. Most people were dressed with casual clothing, but I did witness a boy wearing a sombrero and a fake mustache. When it was my turn in line, I showed them my ticket, and they let me in. My face was exploded with the scent of delicious foods. I have never eaten much mexican foods before, so it was new to me. I wasn’t the only one that smelt the scrumptious foods. My friends and I had arrived at the same time, and were delighted to see each other. Our group included: Amogha, Matthew, William, Daniel, Dennis, Chris, Jeremy, and I. We immediately rushed to the food line. Although the entrance line to the concert was extremely short, we underestimated the food line. It took ages to reach the front of the line. I was famished for many hours, because I had not eaten lunch that day. I discovered the delicious scent, and that it was coming from the tacos. I felt the growling of my stomach when I saw the beef and shredded salad within the taco. In disappointment, it was really pricy. It was $5 for only 4 mini tacos. I remember buying 2 small tacos for $0.99 in a mexican restaurant. But because I was hungry, I purchased the food. I was hoping for Churros, but in my own...