Spain in Ww2

How decisive was Spanish intervention in world war two?


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Abstract – Page 3 Introduction – Page 4 Investigation- Page 5
• • • • • • Structure of investigation - page 6 Analysis of Sources – page 6 Analysis – Military – page 7 Analysis – Economy – page 9 Analysis – Covert Operations – page 10 Analysis – Different Interpretation – Page 12

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This essay investigates the question “How decisive was Spanish intervention in world war two?” This investigation makes use of a variety of sources: The first source is a book written by the historian Evelyn Mesquida called “La Nueve: Los españoles que liberaron Paris” the book describes the story of the ninth company of Leclerc’s armored division, composed solely of republican Spanish soldiers. “La División azul: Sangre española en Rusia 1941-1945” by Xavier Moreno Julia tells in detail the story of the Blue Division, formed of volunteers and sent by Franco to help Hitler in his Russian campaign. “Españoles en la segunda guerra mundial” by Luis reyes briefly describes all of the spanish soldiers involved in the war. Two other books where used, one about the diplomacy between Hitler and Franco and the other about the spy Garbo. This investigation also uses a number of websites. The investigation is structured in the following manner, firstly the structure of the analysis is briefly described, and then several sources are analyzed to be followed by the analysis of the investigation divided into three sections:...