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In 1928 a dairy farmer from Hershey, Pennsylvania created a simple but historic candy called the Reese’s peanut butter cup. Most people consume this tasty snack easily and quickly. For some candy can be a quick snack on the go and for some it can become an obsession. I however have a tradition that combines the two and forever changed the way I enjoy eating a Rees’s peanut butter cup.
History of the peanut butter cup dates back to the early 20’s,but peanut butter itself dates back even   older as far as 1904.Surprisingly peanut butter was created as a high protein food for people that had a hard time chewing meat. Over time the peanut butter cup has manifested into over two dozen different variations, one inpaticular; The Reese’s Big Cup. The Rees’s big cup is a single larger version of the original Rees’s peanut butter cup that is traditionally packaged by twos or in the king sized version that contains four. The big cup comes in a single larger version and is 1.4 oz of peanut butter and chocolate goodness and is the perfect example to describe the way in which I devour this candy in my tradition.
The package the Big Cup comes in is thick and stout with a smooth wrapper. The word Big Cup is proudly displayed in bold letters on an orange and brown wrapper with a picture of the tasty morsel underneath. Just looking at the candy invites you to tear it open and take on this monstrous snack. Tearing open the snack is easy and painless and once opened it reveals an oversized peanut butter cup that immediately arouses your senses. The smell hints of the peanut butter trapped inside a thick ring of chocolate with a light layer on top sealing in the creamy and smooth peanut butter within. Only a slight aroma seeps out to tease your taste buds like the smell of a friend’s coffee or the left over lunch you spilled on your shirt.
The process in which I enjoy this snack was first started as a contest with my daughter but over time has become a little tradition. However...