SOUTHERN is in an area of business will be to collect and recycle metal wastes from environment wastes in order to preserve and conserve our mother Earth. This recycled product will meet two critical needs:

  1. It will give a feasible and cost effective alternative to landfilling the waste, and
  2. It will help reduce the growing demand for new resources of particular metals and landfilling sites. The said material that will be recycled is metal waste sludges.

Earlier the printed circuit board industry has not considered the need to adopt metal recovery processes because of lower priced alternative i.e. offsite waste disposal, appeared to be more attractive. However, with disposal costs rising and land-fill sites becoming increasingly less accessible, metal recovery is gaining wider acceptance and being environmental preferred.
Our recycled waste exercise will be targeted towards printed circuit board (PCB) plants and others. All of these potential customers will benefit from the new methodology of handling these metal waste sludges.
Both the surface mount process and wave metal process produce waste products some of which may contain copper (Cu), tin (Sn), and lead (Pb), flux residues, expensive metals and other metallic substances.

SOUTHERN is a worldwide specialist company, which currently is able to recycle these waste products into useful raw materials thus reducing the need to find new sources of raw materials from nature.

The Environmental of the Etching Recycling & Rebirth System

On the basis of thorough studies and R&D on the current treatment of sludge from the etching process in the PCB factories, we have boldly innovated a new technology and have further developed the etching recycling & rebirth system.

It has been proven that our technology and system possesses great advantages such as:

  1. Low energy consumption
  2. Stable quality of recycled etching liquid
  3. High-grade of automation
  4. Superior...