South - South Cooperation Aided by Brazil in the G77

At this point in time, the countries of the global (and developmental) South represent extensive potential in technology development, human resource, medicine and economic innovation. It is the strong belief of the Federative Republic of Brazil that South South Cooperation is the successful route to harvesting this potential -   making honey, in other words. The Group of 77 presents a wide platform for discussion on and expansion of this initiative. the Federative Republic of Brazil believes that the current agenda can be divided into 5 aspects for ease of discussion and relevance. These are: human resource, debt alleviation and monetary aid, trade, technology and knowledge sharing (an emerging aspect of growing importance) and military aid.

The Federative Republic of Brazil, as the largest South American economy occupies a mediating position between the North and the South. Brazil has good relations with countries of the EU and North America as well as the members of the G77, and would definitely like to take these relation further into an established Triangular Cooperation Program. Brazil has unique programs to encourage the five aspects mentioned above. These include:
• The US-Brazil Higher Education Consortia Program allows Brazilian students and faculty to experience a fully funded exchange for unto four years in an American institution, and vice versa. It encourages sharing of human resource and promotes cooperation among the youth.
• Foreign Aid Program: Brazil's program, having a total worth of USD 1 billion as of 2014, has two aspects:
i.     Technical Cooperation - amounting to around USD 480 million, provided by the Brazil Cooperation agency
ii.     Aid in kind- USD 450 million
iii.     An example of one such success form this program is a post earthquake initiative in Haiti, 'Let Agrogo' a dairy cooperative set up and run by a Brazilian company on the initiative of the government. It was later expanded to encourage mothers to send their...