Sop Ee


The greatest achievements of mankind were unfurled because there was an innate desire to achieve it. This passion interlaced with dedication and hard work not only ignites the spark to learn but also keeps the spirit alive which drives one to see his dreams and reach the pinnacle of success. Electric power, its transmission and power systems has not only fascinated me but also intrigued me, right from my childhood. Being born and brought up in a developing country, I also personally relate to the importance of this revolutionary electric power industry especially in this fast moving technologically sound world which would literally become handicapped in the absence of electric power systems.
I knew this was my calling and I took up Electrical and Electronic engineering as an undergraduate course at Jawaharlal Nehru technological university, one of the renowned universities of India to delve into this field and learn more about it. My undergraduate course has established a strong foundation in the EEE field. I learnt subjects like Control systems, Electromagnetic fields, Power systems, Instrumentation, Network theory, Electrical distribution systems, Micro processor and Micro controller, Electronic device circuits and many more which added the extra fuel to my penchant. I want to contribute to this revolutionary field by opting for Power systems as my major for the masters program.  
To get hands-on experience I attended a workshop in “MI-Power” wherein I was trained on performing a wide range of power system design and analysis study. This helped me gain knowledge about the designing of power systems and also inculcated a spirit of profound learning. I also participated in a technical expo conducted by Nawab Shah Alam Khan College of Engineering and Technology where I presented a working model of “Wind power generation and distribution”. My effort was recognised and I won the first prize for the same.
This encouraged me further and gave...