Sonny's Blues

Tamara Lopez January 29, 2016
ENG 105 Prof. K

Sonny’s Blues

In the short story of James Baldwin’s “Sonny Blues,” First of all, Sonny suffers from heroin addiction and has been arrested for possession of the drug. He has hit the symbolic bottom in his life and must be greatly depressed as a result. Adding to his miseries, Sonny is alienated from his brother, who has become an algebra teacher at a high school in their old neighborhood of Harlem. Secondly, as a musician Sonny plays jazz and the “blues,” music that originated with the African- American community that expressed their sadness and unhappy. “Blues” is defined in the mood unhappiness and depression. The narrator learns from Sonny to listen to all this history to understand Sonny’s life. The narrator as he fought for his life and how he is now watching his younger brother, Sony fought through the same situation. He worried about the life of Sony that might not be able to escape the turmoil that life. He does not want Sonny to be a jazz musician, because there is no future there. At the end of the story, Sonny’s brother was invited into a nightclub to watch and listen to his brother. During his visit, he learns and listens to understand Sonny and how he uses his music to survive, and how the music gives meaning to their lives.

In the central scene of “Sonny’s Blues,” is when the narrator agrees to go with Sonny to the night jazz club. The narrator’s awareness that he must accept Sonny for who he is happened at the nightclub. This is the first time that Sonny’s brother feels happy with Sonny as he plays the piano and listens to his blues music. There he meets Sonny’s musician friends who appreciate the way in which the narrator accepted his brother. The next scene, the narrator begins to understand the language of jazz and how it has changed the lives of Sonny for the best. Director, Creole, who was the bassist of the band, did the brother of might deed teaching Sonny to end his...