Song of the Old Mother and Follower

In this essay I will be comparing ‘The Song of the Old Mother’ by W.B. Yeats with ‘Follower’ by Seamus Heaney. In these two poems the theme is based on the old people I will be comparing about how they are presented. After that I will be comparing one poem from Gillian Clarke which is ‘Catrin’ and another one from the Pre-1914 Poetry Bank which is ‘The song of The Old Mother’. I will compare how old people presented in the poem and how the poet describes about it.

In ‘The Song of the Old Mother’ is about old mother that wake up in early morning to work and she is very hard working woman but her kid doesn’t seem to care about her. In this poem old mother is presented in good way because she very hard working but her children is doesn’t care about her and they just lazy sleeping in the bed doing nothing but let their mother work, ‘And the young lie long and dream in their bed’ this show that children is not care about their mother and they just left her work and not thinking of helping her. This make reader feel sorry for her because she has to work all day non stop. Whereas in ‘Follower’ is presented the old people in good way as well because in the poem his son describe his dad when he was working in positive way ‘My father worked with a horse-plough,’ this show that his father is very strong and he want to follow his father. So in this poem the old people presented in good way and this make his son want to follow him. In these two poem have a different way of presenting the old people ‘The Song of the Old Mother’ presented in good way and very hard working woman but her kid don’t really care but in ‘Follower’ they presented in hard working man and his son is caring about him also want to follow him.