Song Essay; Pretty Hurts

Pretty Hurts
How Society has transformed
The Song I have chosen is a very popular song by Beyoncé Knowles called Pretty Hurts. I’ve chosen this song because it has a lot to do with society on how girls look at their selves on a regular basis every day. This song has a lot of meaning in it for, not just me but I believe everyone. This song is a great empowerment and is very moving. The tracks lyrical content mostly has to do with feminism, self-empowerment, and body image.
The song Pretty Hurts was released in 2013. I think this song is one of the most inspiring songs that I have ever heard. It’s also a great example against all ages. You usually see artists now promoting alcohol, drugs, or sex. I think that’s a big issue on society, especially with kids thinking they can go out and do those kinds of things. They see the artists they look up to and admire promoting that kind of behavior, so they think they can go out and do as they please.  
The first verse to pretty hurts starts out with Beyoncé asking a question. The question they ask her is what is her aspiration in life? Her answer to that question is to be happy. Then it goes into the song with Mama said you’re a pretty girl, what’s in your head doesn’t matter, Brush your hair, fix your teeth, what you wear is all that matters. Those lyrics to her mean that mothers have a huge influence on how they grow up and what their daughters think. For mothers to teach their daughters that never care about what others think of them there is always going to be someone who is negative.
The lyrics for the first verse are impacted on my life by how my mom and grandmother raised me. My mom would always tell me how beautiful I am, as well did my grandmother. That always adds on to you later in life because it gives you so much confidence in which you are. With them always complementing and encouraging me I never felt like I had a reason to be down on myself. I never felt as if they would exclude me or tear me...