The dangers of smoking have become known all around the world in recent years. Health organization has discussed many topics about the effects of smoking which include lung cancer, heart disease, mouth cancer and many other health problems. Many people die every year because of smoking. It should be banned for two important reasons; it is the main cause of bronchitis and lung cancer, and it would save money.
            Smoking should be banned completely because it causes bronchitis and lung cancer. It has become fashionable in the world today to condemn smoking because it is harmful for health. Smoking has linked bronchitis and lung cancer together. A further issue is that smoking costs governments millions of dollars because of the large number of people who suffer from bronchitis and lung cancer need treatment in hospitals and special clinics. Even though smoking could help governments make huge profits of charging taxes on cigarettes, still they spend more money on treatment patients. The disadvantages of smoking outweigh its advantages.  
            Smoking is also should be banned because it saves money. It is a good idea to save money that is paid to smoke because the packet of smoking cost much money. Therefore, if a smoker buys a pack of cigarettes every day, how much money will be spent in a month?   Also, smokers could not have enough money to live happy life, with their family, especially those who are addicted smoking. In addition, smokers who failed to afford buy cigarettes could turn to be a criminal rob people to smoke.
            Although people say smoking help them relax. This may be true in the short term; smoking can produce a relaxing effect. However, this relaxing effect is only temporary. When the nicotine wears off the smoker can become stressed out again and may become even more agitated if he or she cannot have another cigarette for relaxation.
            In conclusion, smoking becomes one of the most...