Someything Else

Everything looks so different when your world is turned upside down.   As you look through the eyes of broken glass, you look upon your past and think of the future.   Wondering about your still existence and meaning for life.   Not meeting your criteria just yet.   You choose to move on and push forward learning from the present time you world was turned upside down.

Sunday June 16th, my cousin, my brother, my sister and I are on our way to visit our grandmother.   It has been a year since we’ve seen her because of the divorce of my parents is what caused my family’s to separate.   Time only tore us apart even more as we grew older.   On the drive to the house I had the feeling people normally get when something bad will happen, that today will not be a good day for us.   We got to our destination and left are bags in the car.   Walking up the steps, full of ambition to see my grandmamma again, I knock at the door.   My heart fills with joy as the knob starts to turn.

“Every body is here!” I told my cousin so happy to see everyone together like this again as well.   We decided to stay longer than our usual visits.   My uncles, aunts, and cousins were there to visit my grandma as well.   As we were there all the adults were in the living room and the young ones are to stay in the other rooms or go outside.   This usually means grown folk need to talk, but sometimes I listen in anyway.

In the Back room all we did was play games nonstop like crazy.   Even on that day I was playing games I would have hated to play by myself, but with my cousins there I would have played any game just to see them.   Now that I think about it, on that day we were playing the game Need for Speed.   The game is a virtual driving game that for some reason seemed ironic because I kept crashing into the walls.

Later on that day my big cousin Angela, age 20, came to tell us to get ready because we are about to leave.   We wanted to stay so we tried and convinced her to let us stay a while longer....