Sometimes First Class Is Not Enough

There are times when chartering a private jet can cost about the same as booking a trip first class. The advantages of flying in a private Jet are endless, offering ultimate freedom and maximum control of time while one gets to enjoy the ultimate in concierge service. One no longer has to worry about the hassle of overcrowded flights, delays and the security hold ups that can make commercial flying uncomfortable. This is not to mention the luxury and amenities that come with flying on your own Jet.
Traveling on a private jet is considered to be an “on demand” service. Meaning, if a Jet is chartered and a meeting is running longer than scheduled, one no longer has to stress about making it to the airport before the flight takes off. When a flight is booked on a private jet, it is said to be charted. If one is running late, the plane will just wait for the client to arrive. Independent airline analyst and founder of, Robert Herbs, commented that the growing interest in private travel is understandable. He said, “By the time you have to deal with all the security at airports, especially on the shorter flights, it’s just not worth it for the modern businessman. Their time is too valuable to waste spending in security lines on delayed planes, and fighting with 100% full airplanes.”1 According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, only 80% of flights in 2009 were on time, a discouraging statistic for the modern businessperson who needs reliable transportation.
Obviously time is not the only factor impacting the desire to fly private, as the luxurious amenities are absolutely endless. Passengers enjoy perks like gourmet catering, in-flight yoga and sometimes, even beds! Adam Katz,   the owner and operator of Talon Air, private airline, offers baggage to be shipped from the clients home to their final destination without the client ever touching it.2 Also onboard Talon Air Jets are cashmere blankets, crystal and sterling silver cutlery and...