Some Thing

Patricia Bradley was born and raised in Houston, TX. She attended Ross Sterling High School and graduated at the age of 18. Later in life after she graduated she got her first job and started making her own money to provide for herself. Three years later she had my oldest brother Paul and that opened her eyes to different experience and wonders. My mom put countless hours into becoming a good mother, providing for herself, and tackling a job at the same time. Over the years at the age of 35 she had my second brother Patrick and my sister Jessica came five years later, and after six years I was born.   After having four kids in her mid-30s she was still able to provide us with everything we wanted, and some of our desires.
My mom plays’ an important part in my life and she is my role model, when I discovered that I was carrying a baby she never left my side. She took me to all my appointments, she tracked my diet, and some nights even talked to my stomach. Once I was in the hospital she was right next to me holding my hand through the whole delivery.   Once I had my son, my mother worked extra hard to make sure my son and I had everything we needed. She worked every day to ensure that everything was in place in order for my transition back to school would go well. Although, a back injury cause her to lose most of her hours on her job she still provided for us as if she was working a full schedule to make sure that we are taking care of.
My mom enrolled into college at the age of 50 because she knew she could do better for herself and have a career in anything she wanted and trust me nothing stopped her. She enrolled herself in University of Phoenix and now is in her fourth year of school graduating in February of 2014. But she was struggling with the cost of attending school. How to afford it? She received college loans and grants to complete her four years in college. My mom is getting a degree in Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management this will help...