Some Knowledge and Instructions on Crusher Usage

No matter it is rock crusher, or other crushers, the material moisture will bring certain effect. If the material is in high moisture, it will easily adhere to the rock crusher cavity and cause blocking during conveying. If it is too dry, the hardness will strong and hard to deal with as well.

First, before operation and make any repairs or add lubrication where needed, you should check all the parts of the rock crusher and check for broken teeth, bolts and belts and make sure there are no obstructions in the crushing cavity. In order to operate it properly , you should turn on the engine of the rock crusher and listen carefully.

Second, in order to make sure all components are operating smoothly, you should start the crushing mechanism of the stone crusher and if necessary, shut down the machine and make repairs.Set the crusher up under a conveyor belt to carry crushed rock to a pile or dump truck.

Third, adjust the opening of the stone crusher to accommodate the size of the stones you will be crushing and feed large stones into the cavity of your stone crusher with a crane or conveyor belt and allow the machine to do the work.

fourth, feed crushed stones into a secondary stone crusher to achieve smaller rocks, if desired. Before you use a jaw crusher, you may need to use a roller crusher to produce gravel-sized rocks.You should turn off the power to the machine and check its parts to make sure no stones lodged in the stone cavity.

Above are some knowledge and instructions on stone crushers usage, and they are very important for new users to know before using stone crushers.If you master these instructions well, you'll find it is not hard to to use stone crushers properly.

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