Some Confusing Culture Phenomenon in China

Some Confusing Culture Phenomenon
  If you have never heard news about “Sister Feng” or “Brother Sharp”, you have been out. Recently, the two persons have been very famous. “Sister Feng” was famous for her harsh marriage-seeking terms and “Brother Sharp”, who actually was a city vagrant, was know by his “decent” dressing and sharp eyes.
  Now let’s talk about “Sister Feng” in detail.
  “Sister Feng”, full name “Luo Yufeng”, is from Chongqing and now lives in Shanghai. Since October 2009, she has been in marriage-seeking. Generally, marriage-seeking is not a big deal and harsh terms can be understood as long as your conditions match them. To people’s surprise, “Sister Feng” was only 1.46 meters and looks not beautiful, even somewhat ugly; but her terms are so harsh that only 6 people can match them in China(the figure comes from net friends’ calculation). The following are her marriage-seeking terms:
  a. Masters in economics from Qinghua University or Peking University
  b. To have international perspective
  c. Height, 177—183cm; looking, the more handsome the better
  d. Men from East China, no consideration for people from Southwest China
  e. Age, 25—28
  f. No babies, etc.
After the marriage-seeking terms, let’s look at the conditions of “Sister Feng”:
  a. Born in 1985, height 146 cm, weight 40 kg
  b. To have diploma of Normal School of Qijiang (a county of Chongqing) and associate degree in Chinese Language and Literature of Chongqing Institution of Education
  c. Mastery in poetry, painting, singing, stringed instruments, embroidery and so on.
  d. Mastery in Ancient Chinese, interested in economic   humanistic, and social science books, like “Zhi Yin”, “Stories” (two women magazines in China)
  e. To begin extensive reading when 9 years old and reach the peak when 20, have a high intelligence that would never appear in 600 years, etc
  No wonder people will feel surprised even angry when they see the terms, especially after...