Some Books Are to Be Tasted, Others – to Be Swallowed, and Some Few – to Be Chewed and Digested

Some Books are to Be Tasted, Others – to Be Swallowed, and Some Few – to Be Chewed and Digested
As an introduction, I want to say that literature is born from the human need to tell stories, to tell stories about oneself or about others, to tell stories about the world to better understand our existence, the others and the universe we live in. All the stories, the myths, the fables and the novels are the result of this wish and this basic need: they help us to live and survive. The role of books mustn’t be underrated, because they are a tangible and a valuable record of our world, containing the stories of long gone civilizations and forgotten ancient languages. But books also help people to grow up, to learn new things, develop and increase the intelligence. So I believe, that reading books helps to develop our knowledge, improve certain communication abilities, moral values and develop extra-curriculum interest.
Books are said to be man's best friends. At times when we are sad, depressed or angry, when we read a book our mind seems to calm down. Books take us to a world where we find ourselves relaxed, sometimes thrilled or even crying. We, students, have to read books to develop our knowledge of our past and knowledge for our future. Books teach us moral values for a happy and peaceful life. Books may develop extra-curricular interest apart from studies like music and dance. Books improve our communication abilities by teaching on how to talk and carry yourself in the society. It improves qualities such as honesty, kindness, Friendship, loyalty, bravery etc. amongst readers.
Books can also shape one’s character in life. If the hero or the heroine of the book tends to be good at heart or takes the path of violence, we tend to follow it no matter what. Thus, choosing a good book is important. But how can we distinguish good or bad books? To my mind, good books are those, which can teach a person good thing or show him a good example. But on the contrary, there...