Somali Piracy Soulution

Nkozi Stewart                                                                                                         Mr. Dorsi
912                                                                                                                 March 14, 2010

Action Plan Part 2- Somali Piracy Solution

    Since 1991, Somalia has limped along a brutal path of clans at war with each other,

separatist movements, and failed Western interventions.   Today, the lack of central

authority and an effective Western involvement has caused Somalia’s anarchy to reach

beyond its coastline.   Now piracy is not only disrupting international trade and   territorial

waters that lie across one of the world’s busiest maritime intersections (the Red Sea), it is

preventing the flow of the humanitarian aid to several million Somalis on the verge of

starvation.   Although some people in Somalia are prospering by these pirates actions,

the majority of people are still living in poverty.   Citizens of Somalia may want to speak

against these rebels, but fear for their lives.   Even there own capital city isn’t safe


    To stop piracy in Somalia the US Navy (or any other navy) taking action is not the

answer.   If the pirates take over a ship, the United States will put themselves in a

hostage situation, which will risk the lives of a crew for a second time.   Another wrong

answer to end piracy is having other nations entering into negotiation for the return of

their ships, goods and men.   Paying pirates is an extraordinarily poor decision.   To end

piracy in Somalia there is no military solution because it will only win the pirates more

support and sustain the current state of mayhem.   If the military was to take action, it will

start a war with a poverty ridden country where almost half their   population is under 15.

    There are many steps that need to be taken before the Somali pirates can be stopped.

The first step that...