Solid State Transformers Market Analysis and Value Forecast by End-Use Industry 2014 - 2020: Fmi Estimate

Global Solid State
Transformers Market
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Report Description
With the increase in use of renewable energy and distributed energy sources, use of traditional
transformers has increased the complexity of the electrical power grids. In order to overcome
this complexity, there is need to adopt newer technologies to ensure better control and more
reliable operation of the grid. Transformers are fundamental components of any power
distribution system. However, this system does have certain drawbacks such as voltage drop
under load, sensitivity to harmonics and performance degradation under system disruptions and
overload. The need to cope with these disadvantages is gaining importance as supply of quality
power is one of the major issues in today’s scenario. A solid state transformers (SST) is
considered a key enabler for power grids, as they provide better control over the system, with
high load handling capacity as well as efficient bi-directional power flow.
A SST is capable of easily replacing a conventional transformer in an electrical system. Major
applications of SST include locomotive and other traction systems, offshore energy generation
systems (wind, tidal or any other source) and smart (power) grids. SSTs are able to deliver power
at 400 Hz and can also be used as three-phase power system from a single phase line, which is
difficult to obtain from conventional transformers. Depending upon its topologies, SSTs can be
classified as:

Report Description
• AC to AC buck converter
• SST with and without a DC link
• Three-stage SST

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The SST market is in its nascent stage. It has huge market potential in the distribution network of
power grids....