Software and Bpo Services Global Market Briefing 2016

Software And BPO Services Global Market Briefing 2016 Released By The Business Research Company.

Software And BPO Services Global Market Briefing provides strategists, marketers and senior management with the critical information they need to assess the global Software And BPO Services.

Software services include application software programming services, computer program (software) development, computer software support services and web design services. Software service companies’ document, design, create, test and maintain applications, using a planned and structured process. Customers for software services include commercial establishments operating in manufacturing, telecoms, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) verticals and other industries and government organizations.

The market segments in the software and BPO services sector as of 2015 were CRM BPO, Infrastructure software, HRO BPO, Application software and Others BPO Services.

Cloud/Software As A Service (Saas)-Over the past five years, cloud software solutions have been gaining acceptance from companies across all industries. Cloud is a software delivery method where a vendor hosts a software application in a remote server and customers can access it through the internet. Cloud software solutions are widely used in customer relationship management (CRM), HR/payroll, project management and accounting software systems. For example, Hershey’s implemented IBM analytics SaaS tool to obtain customer insights and boost sales.

Virtualization-Virtualization allows enterprises to eliminate entire servers as well as the associated infrastructure and operating costs. This not only streamlines a company’s IT infrastructure, it also lays the foundation for more strategic IT initiatives. Virtualization has opened opportunities for IT services companies to...