The art of Softball
        Softball is a sport that has been around for many years. It has recently been named as an official professional sport. Back before it was in the Olympics though, people didn’t really take it that seriously. It was played by men originally, and then woman had later taken over the sport. Men now play softball slow-pitch, but it is not the same with Fastpitch today. This is how the softball game works now a day, compared to way back then.
        It starts off with two teams of around ten to fifteen girls. There is the home team, and then there’s the visiting team. The home team goes out on the field first. There is nine positions one field; first, second, and third base, left, center, and right field, and the pitcher and catcher. The visiting team goes up to bat first. The pitcher is required to pitch underhand for every pitch. The pitcher pitches the ball to the batter and the batter is trying to get on base with a hit. While on the other team, they are trying to get the girl out by making a play at first or somewhere else. The rule is, if the ball is caught in the air or thrown to the base before the runner gets there, it’s an out. Every three outs the girl’s team’s switch and the fielders go to bat and the batters take the field. They do this until the time limit is up on the game, or they reach five innings. Now the game could go into overtime if it is tied, but normally they can end it on a tie.
    When it comes to batting, a girl has three strikes and then they are called out. Except if they get four balls that are bad pitches, then the batter will get a free pass to first base. Once a runner is on base, they can only lead off the bag after the ball has left the pitchers hand. If a runner leaves too early they can be called out by an umpire. In baseball, the players are allowed to take a lead beforehand. Base running is where you are trying to make it all around each base and then touch home. Every time that occurs, that is a...