Soft Skills Training

These days, technical skills are not the only thing that employees should have to work in the workplaces. Soft skills are also necessary to be possessed by employees either new employees or senior employees in order to boost the effectiveness of company’s performance. Soft skills are characters that improve respectful communication, job performance, and career prospects (Parson, 2008). In order to have strong soft skills, employees can be trained, thus the employees are able to implement their skill at the workplace. The combination of strong technical and soft skills that employees possess would build productive performance and lead the employees to have long-term job success.

As an entrepreneurial executive training company, the company would like to design innovative and qualified training program that would be held only for one day. This program would be held in Cambridge due to some reasons that would be explained in the next parts. The training company is named as The Excellence Training and the program’s name is one-day finance teamwork program.

The company has visions that are preparing the employees in order to obtain highly competence and good characters, so they are able to implement their soft skills at the workplace and to perform effectively in the fast-paced environment as companies desired. The company’s missions are to provide practical instruments in order to support trainees in developing employees’ traits and to reward the employees after endeavoring to complete all sessions in one-day-training program by giving a training certificate.

According to Marcel M. (2012), the top 10 soft skills that are the most essential are integrity, communication, courtesy, responsibility, social skills, positive attitude, professionalism, flexibility, teamwork, and work ethic. However, the training programme would focus on improving teamwork skills as teamwork could embrace other skills. Furthermore, employees would have varied responsibilities. By...