Socs and Greasers

Similarities and Differences
Socials (Socs) and the Greasers
Would you be in a group of people who drank, smoke often and was quite rich? Or would you rather be in a group of many people who treated you like a family but is low-classed because they are not as rich and smart enough? The two groups, Socs (Socials) and Greasers look and seem very different from each other. I think that the Greasers would be better to join but also, they have some disadvantages.
The Socs rarely go to jail because their parents could pay them out. On the other hand, the Greasers don’t have that much money to do that. However, Greasers don’t go to jail that much either, only guys like Dally would risk his neck to steal or beat the enemy when he is stressed or drunk. But both the groups care for their friends as much as their family. So if the other harmed one of their gang member or friend, they would beat that person up too, for pay back.
Socs are the most worst enemy of the Greasers. They dispise each other and gets into many fights, most with a little Greaser being ganged up by the Socs. The Greasers thinks that a Soc’s life is paradise and that they don’t have any problem whatsoever. Ponyboy finds out later that this is not always true. In some of the Socs’ point of view, Greasers are like trash to beat up like a stress ball. Others like Socs members who are nicer, like Cherry (Sherri) thinks everyone should be equal. In addition, she says the biggest difference between the two gangs is that the Greasers show many emotions, especially negative ones. However, she says that the Socials don’t show emotions like the Greasers.
The Socs are mostly smart and educated. It is said that you don’t always have to be rich. To be in Socs, you have to be sophisticated too. In the book, it says that Darrel, Ponyboy’s brother is quite smart… smart enough to be a Socs. It was the gang and his brothers that prevented him from becoming a member of Socs. The Greasers doesn’t care...