Socratic Conversation

A Conversation with Socrates
American Intercontinental University

A Conversation with Socrates
While doing research for my philosophy paper I became confused and found myself asking far more questions than I was answering. I decided to take a break from my homework and try to relax. While listening to some music I dozed off for a much deserved nap and had a dream that I was having a conversation with Socrates. The dream went as follows:
Socrates: What is it to make excuses for your actions Beth?
Beth: That would be determinism sir.
Socrates: ...really, hmmmm. Why do you say determinism makes excuses?
Beth: Because kind sir, determinism is the doctrine that says all actions committed by humans are set into motion by causes not of our own will.
Socrates: I see. Then how do you define your own will Beth?
Beth: Being able to act of my own will means that I have no constraints on what I choose. My own will is free and what I do with it is of my own doing, nothing more and nothing less.
Socrates: So you take responsibility for how and who you have become?
Beth: Yes sir, I do own my responsibility.
Socrates: Do you feel that every action you take has an explanatory cause?
Beth: What is that?
Socrates: From my perspective it is when there is an obvious reason for what you do.
Beth: Oh, thank you. I believe that sometimes there is an obvious reason for why I do something or how I feel towards something. Sometimes, however, I act out of nothingness with no reason.
Socrates: How do you define these events?
Beth: These events are like any other event in my life. They just happen, not always planned but happen none the less.
Socrates: So you think these events just happen?
Beth: Yes, events are just things that happen in our life that are sometimes planned but often unplanned.
Socrates: Knowing all of this now, how would you define explanatory cause?
Beth: I see where you get that it is an explainable or obvious trigger, but I still do not think every...