Socrates’ Method of Philosophy

In the Greek city of Athens, every citizen was important to the city. As a philosopher, Socrates believed that he does not know anything. It is because of this that the Oracle said he was wise. So Socrates travel to different parts of Greek, and to question the suppose “wise’ men if they really knew the answers of life. The youth laid their eyes on Socrates since he possessed a different way of thinking and living. His unique method of questioning and insulting brings him to court for corrupting the youth. He is willing to die for his belief and is sentence to death by the people of Athens. In the Apology, he portrayed himself as a gadfly buzzing and annoying a sleepy horse. He sees himself noble and helping the city not to fall into a deep sleep. It is through this that Socrates did not give up philosophy.
For Socrates, as he is portrayed in the early dialogues by Plato, he “does Philosophy” by going out into the world and talking with people. For him, Socrates wants to talk to suppose “wise” men and to show that they really do not know anything. As the Oracle said about Socrates, he is the wisest men in the world. In the Apology, Socrates believed that and said he is wise because he does not know anything. It was his mission to travel around and asking questions that will questioned the wise religious people. In doing so, he did not write anything down; he was simply too busy try to prove people were wrong about their beliefs. His students recorded his work and his arguments. Plato helped Socrates by putting his thoughts on paper.   As “doing Philosophy,” Socrates commitment is shown even when facing death at his trail. He believed that the people who sentence him to death are unjust and by dying they will commit to an unjust action. He knows that he would be better off dead since the people did not want to acknowledge their own mistakes of reasoning.
The most general Philosophy topic that Socrates was interested was Ethics. What were the foundations of moral...