When I first began to read through the first chapter my mind was completely blown away by the complexity of society. I like to believe that this course has changed my life for the better. I feel like it has made me a better well-rounded person and it has made me understand other cultures a little better. It also makes it easier to be able to talk to others about their cultures and asking questions if you already have a strong sociological foundation.   This course has made me question myself and I often find myself pondering on ways that I could be a better person and I am sure that is shows through my discussion boards although it may seem like I am mind blown by all the information it is always genuine I always find some sort of interesting fact that makes me just stand in awe of the beauty of foreign cultures and customs.
I believe that because of my course work I will become a better professional. It is very difficult for a person to sit down and try to figure out ways in which they need to improve. What I like to do is sit and ponder, after each chapter, and find places in which I can apply the things I learned in the text to my own personal life. As Macionis states sociological perspective has many benefits to the life of an individual it helps us understand the barriers and opportunities in our lives, gives us an advantage in our careers, and it serves as a guiding policy. (Macionis 32) I without a doubt believe that this is what this course has done. It serves as an encouragement in my life to be a better person. This semester as time has progressed I have found myself doing things, wonderful things, that I would never in a million years would have seen myself doing.   I apply sociological perspective to my life and I see myself finally progressing into something great. I am not progressing because I am the best person out there I am progressing because I have insight.
Using sociological perspective I have landed the myself two volunteer opportunities...