Relativism and Morality

Krista Kriener

Instructor Strand

June 6, 2011

    Even though not everyone will agree with Goodman’s quote, “there are some things that are just wrong,” (Lenn, G) I agree with him. There are many controversial aspects on morality and relativism; I’m only going to list a few. The first example I’m going to use from Goodman’s article is genocide to murder. The second example will be human trafficking. Last, but not least, incest. All three of these examples are looked upon either equally or differently throughout the world, but one thing we should all agree upon is, “there are some things that are just wrong.”(Lenn.G)

    In the first example we will look at relativism and morality, universally, when it comes to genocide to murder. Genocide is “the ultimate essentializing of the exotic. It defines a type and assigns it a character, protecting what is inwardly feared onto this fetish.”(Lenn.G) An example Goodman used is “people who confuse power with violence.”(Lenn.G) .We have seen this with a lot of foreign dictators. An example would be terrorism. The leader of these violent militias, thrives on the younger boys, and instills their belief system into them, so much that these youngsters sacrifice their own lives. Terrorism has affected every part of the world at one time or another in our history. In 2001, we all got to see exactly how awful the effects of terrorism, and all its bloodshed. So, just because these terrorist groups believe they are serving their “God”, does it make it right because it’s their moral values? I think we all agree these actions from terrorist are just wrong. It’s no worse than an individual who intentionally or unintentionally, kills a person. So genocide to murder is the same concept in my eyes.

    In the second example we will look at morality and relativism when it comes to human trafficking. Even though we passed the amendment to abolish slavery in the...