(Introduction Paragraph)
Society has come a long way over the centuries, year after year ideas and values are always changing. Currently these values and ideas have shifted from positive wholesome values to an antagonistic social view. We have become a selfish and destructive environment. Our society is not a good place to raise future generations because of all the violence, discrimination and bad influences.

(1st Body Paragraph)(Supporting Idea - Violence)
We are beginning to see a more violent culture emerging in our society. People are more often than not turning to violence to seem more powerful. We can see examples of this in cases of bullying, where the bully wants to feel more powerful so he/she uses violence to portray this.   With all this bullying occurring it makes our society a more hostile environment, this isn’t a good thing for our future generations.   War is another example of just how much our culture revolves around violence.   Whenever there is a conflict between nations we turn to war as a method of resolution. This only encourages violence and makes it a part of our culture.   From this, violence begins to shift into the household and domestic abuse becomes a pending issue.   Domestic abuse can destroy a family both physically and emotionally, this is not a good environment for children to grow up in. Violence in our society only fuels hatred for one another.

(2nd Body Paragraph)(Supporting Idea – Discrimination)
Secondly, many people in our society today are being treated unfairly and unequally because of factors such as race, sex and age. Racism is the unjust treatment of a person because of they are of a different culture.   Racism leads to hatred between cultures, and in a world where there are many people from different cultures, it can lead our future generations to grow up in an environment that hates one another. Sexism is another example of all the prejudice and hatred that is occurring in our modern day society.   Sexism is the unfair...