Socialism & Communism
Who wants to be under a system whereby the major means of production are “publically” owned (Political Ideals. Pg 290)?   In other words, would you want to be controlled by a philosophical organization that forces and emphasizes freedom belonging to the class, and not the individual? There is no private property whatsoever, and with that being said, these couple of ideas and many more are to be defined as communism or socialism. There is no end without the beginning, and there is no effect without cause. So consequently, the roots of this infamous ideology originate from the father of communism, one of the most influential socialist or communist leaders, and the deep thinker of social based theories, Karl Marx. Marx argued upon many things such as communism was to be described as a strong belief and a political movement or motion that must be taken seriously. He does this by writing the Communist Manifesto, the documentation and fundamentals of the initiating the communist movement. In terms of the communist Manifesto, Marx stated that past occurrences are apparently the events of class difficulties or tribulations. The significance of it that he wants all of society to realize all classes have either similar of different traits on their economy and production. Therefore, there have been unnecessary disagreements and quarrels mainly about inequality (class complication). In addition to all of this explanations, I think what Marx is really trying to get at is individualism is not genuine and unfaithful; it can lead you to countless downfalls (Ideals. Pg. 206-211).
Human nature is all about cooperation and not competition to his eyes because I feel that Marx believes when there is greed among the different classes, fights are bound to erupt.
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Overall, what controls these types of traits among society are their personal circumstances like the bourgeoisie and the proletariats (Ideals. Pg. 205) . Even though history may have been...