* George Orwell supports democratic socialism and against totalitarianism
  * Was and continues to be the economic system of US, Germany and 80% of the world
  * Companies and productions are privately owned for profit and pay their employees wages
  * According to Marx, it encourages competition between citizens and provides rewards in an ‘unequal’ way
Karl Max
Believed that capitalism caused
  * The wealthy to become richer
  * The poor to become poorer
  * The rich to gain benefits and access to education and healthcare
  * He wished for equal distribution of wealth and possessions
  * He died in London only to posthumously (remembered after death) inspire Lenin & Trotsky
Capitalism vs Socialism vs Communism
  * Johnny owns car factory and all the equipment
  * He pays his workers competitive wages
  * He sells the cars and he keeps all the money about production costs
  * Johnny and his co-workers own the entire factory collectively
  * They make and sell the cars
  * They distriube the profit equally amongst themselves
  * The entire community owns all of the factories and everything they produce
  * Cars can distribute to members of the community
  * Cars can be sold with all profits going to all members of the community

Czar Nicholas II (1894-1917) [AKA Bloody Nichloas[
  * Absolute power with some help from God
  * In 1914, he supports WWI despite economic woes in Russia
  * Minor revolts occur between 1914-1917
  * Growing strength of Communist soviets – councils of discontented workers inspired by Marx’s philosophies
  * Steps down on 28th February 1917
  * Cue Communist takeover!
  * Murdered in July 1918 along with his wife, children, driver, cook and family doctor.
  * Brilliant organizer, and motivator
  * Begins taking control of army, communications and transport
  * Intelligent writer and eloquent speaker