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Commitment & Professionalism

Due to covering annual leave within my team I was assigned a greater workload than normal. As a result I dealt with an increased number of customer enquiries whilst still ensuring all customers were adhering to their job seeker agreements. I managed this workload by prioritising and subsequently reducing the number of time spent on unnecessary tasks including filing and lengthy job searches. Whilst still meeting customers' expectations to the standards required by the department and keeping in-line with legislation. Due to a major change in jobsearch facilities I had to adjust the way I conducted my interventions with customers to make sure I had the time to promote and guide customers through this new facility. This meant taking time to educate myself in regards to this new process thoroughly to ensure I was accurate and consistent when explaining this to customers.

I then used this as an example of personal development at my monthly one to one objective meeting with management. I then promoted this working method to other colleagues within the team, subsequently improving performance during busy periods.

Providing High Quality Service

During my time with jobcentre plus I meet a variety of customers, a customer that regularly attends the office has hearing and speech difficulties. He attended the office with his guardian to enquire about an easier way to close his jobseekers claim as he was going on holiday out with the UK which meant his availability to work would be effected. He also regularly attends another office to see a disability adviser for extra support with job search and any other barriers into work. I advised that contacting the disability officer may be more beneficial for the customer’s guardian as they may be more aware of the customer’s situation than ourselves and arrange for her to be the first point of contact for any enquiries that had to be made on the...