Social Work

March 27, 2012
Introduction to social work
The needs of Children, Youth, and Families: ch.10

After reading this chapter I started thinking about some of the reasons families have problems and what can be done to assist with a supportive network.
In a family where there are two parents and both parents work some people may feel this is the ideal house hold, the kids are clean and appear to be healthy , but underneath sometimes there are secrets , such as child abuse, substance , abuse or just a dysfunctional household.
This chapter touched on a variety of reasons a family could be considered unhealthy and what kind of services can be utilized if need be, for instance one or both parents could be from a broken home where they had to live with parents that were abusive to each other, or there were substance abuse, sexual, physical,, emotional, or mental abuse. These parents if they came from a home such as these more, then likely they are parenting the way they were taught. They grow up thinking that it was ok for the father or mother to yell at each other and call each other names. They never learned how to use positive communication tools or problem solving techniques.
Sometimes one of both of the parents may realize how unhealthy the family is as a whole, the kids are messing up in school, one or two of the kids are talking back and just being disrespectful and if there is substance abuse in the home the kids may begin to start experimenting as a means to cope with what’s going on at home. Unless one of the parents steps out and seek help for the family the situation with the parents or the children escalates into a full blown disaster.
There are so many different kinds of resources in the community that will assist families in need of services, these services will and consist of counseling for the parents and kids, regarding any kind of abuse issues or issues surrounding daily living skills to assist with becoming a whole healthy family, every...